The NFT Collective


Art + Community + Crypto = Bellwether

One-stop-shop for Blockchain & NFT

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several months, you’ve heard lots about blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFT). This technology is going to play a critical role for content creators and artists in the future and it’s important to start building your strategy as soon as possible.

The Bellwether team has 7+ years of in-depth experience in blockchain and crypto and can help you plan and execute all elements of your blockchain and NFT strategy.

A Network of Artists

We work with artists from around the world and across mediums to create unique, custom works of art that can be turned into NFTs. If you’re missing the art piece of the puzzle, we’ve got you covered. We’ll quickly connect you with an artist who is operating and knowledgeable about NFT and we will all work together to create something impactful.

Minting & Auction Services

If you’re not familiar with the Ethereum ecosystem it can be overwhelming at first. Our team has more than 7 years of operating in crypto and we can handle all the technical aspects of the minting process, including buying ETH, funding your wallet, setting up the auction, and handling conversions to USD and payouts after the sell.

White Labeled Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

There are lots of benefits, both on the business side and on the customer side, to building a custom blockchain solution or even your own token for your brand. If you’re looking to create a custom blockchain solution off, our team will help you craft that strategy and then bring all players needed to build, launch and maintain it. Our technology partners have over 15 years of experience in crypto development.

Crypto Connections

Our team has been in crypto for 7+ years and has a breadth of experience and deep relationships in the space to accomplish any goals, no matter how ambitious. If you have a problem in the crypto-sphere, if we can’t solve it we’ll connect you to someone who can.